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Have you ever felt bad about not being able to afford to buy your child a snack, a small toy or an ice cream...? That is why the annual Money Bag Giveaway Tradition was founded by Rom USA President, Peggy P. Williams. As the youngest of ten siblings, growing up in the City, Peggy knows all too well about the issues and everyday struggles that families have to deal with. She has coordinated this great giving tradition as a way to assist everyday people and children with everyday struggles, who cannot afford the little things.  


The event takes place annually during the Gypsy Parade Festival, April 8-10 in New York City. Those who wish to sponsor or donate can make a small donation for as little as $20.00 or more. This is a wonderful way that can make a child and parent happy to be able to afford the little luxuries that the average New Yorker takes fore granted, why not share the wealth, the next time you treat your self to an everyday little luxury, why not give toward a little Bag of Money tradition to make a struggling child happy to be able to buy an ice cream, small toy, snack, or even buy their hard working parent a cup of Java, or pick up the tab for their Transit fare! Now you can, by simply making a small donation of $20, to fill the money bag, or sponsor a Money Bag Giveaway for a pledge of $100.00, we'll even add your corporate or family name to it! Please go to the PLEDGE page to donate or sponsor this amazing and affordable way to give to a well deserving child or parent.


In the Parade tradition, Money Bags are given to deserving women and children during the annual Romani Parade Festival. Although there are many other charities that support single parents, non of the donations contribute fully to the real needs of struggling parents and needful children, and the everyday issues of not being able to enjoy the little things. Especially in a world of Social media, technology and expensive gadgets, this is a small but big contribution to the little things things that really matter. Your contribution will make life a little more enjoyable to those who really need it. 

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