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A New Way to Donate, Be A Historical Part Of The International Roma Day Parade & Festival...


We have new and exciting ways to make a pledge, volunteer, be a part of the Parade and Festival sponsor the annual Bag of Money Giveaway or place your bid for the Gypsy Guitar Auction. These simple and creative ways to donate are all part of our exciting ways to support our mission and make a difference!


Support us in style; view the Parade in your own VIP Caravan. Or sponsor a Corporate or Personal Float. Please contact us for pledge information, special reservations and more information.

Your donation will assist in abolishing outdated Anti-Romani laws and ending the unjust branding and discrimination that has plagued thousands of members of this dynamic culture for many centuries. We look forward to partnering with you to support our mission. Here at ROM USA, ending racism, unjust discrimination, and making a difference is the cornerstone of our organization.


The Parade and Festival is hosted by Rom USA, founded in 2016 by ROM USA President, Peggy P. Williams, a leading advocate for the Romani people. Since the early 80s, she has been active in advocating for the Romani community, starting with everyday families who have been victims of persecution and stigma for many centuries, just because they were Gypsies, they didn't have civil or human rights, even simple ones such as renting an apartment, buying a home, getting an education or voting.


In the United States, these American citizens, had no rights, living with unjust antiquated laws that still exist in most states, due to the ongoing fear and misperceptions of their non-conformist nature. anti-gypsy laws banned and segregted Romani-Gypsy Americans from certain towns and villages, forcing them into homelessness, living in camps, hidden away from the public eye, reduced to the life of crime and undisirable means of making a living to support their families in the USA and abroad.

All proceeds form the Festival will support the organizations dedication to civil rights and the preservance of this dynamic culture...


And what a great new and refreshing way to show your support with this exciting Festival and Celebration!




(631) 923-2121
Sign this Petition :
Tell world leaders to stop the DISCRIMINATION, RACISM AND SEGREGATION. 

Success! Message received. We are one more petition stronger to our goal !

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