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The Annual Roma Festival

The annual Roma festival is hosted by Rom USA, and was founded by Rom USA's CEO, Peggy Pearsa Williams in 2016. Following the commemoration of International Roma Day, by Secretary, John Kerry. Peggy has coordinated this amazing event in the United States to celebrate International Roma Day in New York. International Roma Day link: International Roma Day (


This historical event is an annual tradition and will provide a way for all Americans to come together to enjoy this rich and glamorous cultural event and learn more about the Romani heritage. Join us to share acceptance and diversity of this great culture, rich in cultural achievements like beautiful music, fashion, gourmet food, entertainment, and so much more. The Romani-Gypsy people have remarkable talent and have contributed some of the world's most beloved music, entertainment, fashion and European recipes to America. During the festival visitors will be greeted by traditional Gypsy wenches serving complimentary samples of delectable Gypsy food and pastry. Enjoy the festival and the pleasing sounds of Gypsy musicians playing romantic and dance music, with violinists that touch your heart and bring out 'the Gypsy in your soul'. The Gypsy romanticism and roaming lifestyle has been a major contributor to the Bohemian and Gypsy style clothing and fashion that has been the latest buzz on the runways and is trending with  big name Designers in America and Europe. Be sure not to miss the Gypsy Fashion Show, featuring Gypsy Style Couture and the latest in Gypsy fashion and accessories for purchase.


Gypsy Celebrities...

the ones who you would've  never known are Gypsies will amaze you!

The Festival will feature an exciting collection of the most beautiful vintage Gypsy Caravans, VIP viewing caravans are also available to sit in and enjoy during the festivities, the caravans include seating for up to 4 guests and are equipped with portable restrooms. Those who attend this amazing event will enjoy a colorful and elegant display of Gypsy handmade Arts and Crafts, Gypsy Fashion, Traditional Gypsy Music and Dancing. But bring an appetite for the delicious Gypsy food, like Sarma - stuffed cabbage, Korumpede` baked potatoes stuffed with anything you'd like, meat, cheese, veggies, and Gypsy Barbecue, which is a customary Gypsy Tradition of Roasting a Whole Pig, and carving and handing out free pieces to the public to enjoy. they'll be other delectable meats and poultry on the grill and a wide selection of other authentic gourmet Gypsy recipes, all prepared by Professional and Celebrity Chefs. You must also sample the decadent Gypsy signature desserts and the Caffe` -Gypsy Coffee, there's nothing like it.

Look out, you may just run into a

Gypsy Wedding Ceremony

during the Parade!

This exciting Festival hosts the Good Fortune Gypsy Cake Tradition, where it is customary to share a piece of white cake to invoke good fortune and harmony. In the Gypsy custom, guests and visitors must present a White Cake for blessings of good fortune and harmony, when visiting a Gypsy home or event. As a token of appreciation, the festival will be offering a free piece of yummy cake to the public. The cakes will be made by our proud sponsor Celebrity Cake Chefs and local Professional Cake Bakers.


The Money Bag Giveaway Tradition is also an exciting Gypsy tradition of throwing a bag of money into the crowds, founded and coordinated by Peggy, as a way that a struggling citizen, parent or child can be able to enjoy the little things such as a snack, a small toy, an ice cream, a hot meal, or a cup of java, for those folks who after barely paying their bills, cannot afford these little but necessary items that make life a little more enjoyable.

As a remembrance for the hundreds of thousands of forgotten Roma who died in the Holocaust, the Festival will be holding a special Annual Holocaust Pomana Tribute to honor and remember all the Gypsies that perished, and will feature an honorary dinner and ceremony with distinguished guests and survivors.


Pomana - feast for the dead, is a Gypsy tradition and Honorary Dinner to remember those who passed... 


According to Holocaust history, over 2,800,000 Gypsies have died during the holocaust and another 400,000, not counting the unknown Gypsies, and it is very sad that there are not many groups or advocates in the United States that acknowledge this races suffering, except for the compassion and coordination for Rom USA's CEO-Founder Peggy P. Williams, whose dedication, support, hard work, and creative ways of always pushing the envelope a little more each day to end the racism, discrimination, and bigotry, that this race has suffered for the longest time. And she will never give up until this dynamic race is accepted in this great country as Americans, although the Romani are forgotten in many circles, Peggy will empower this race to come forward with diversity and acceptance.

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